Equest Plus Tape

Equest Plus Tape: Active ingredients - Moxidectin and Praziquantal.  Licensed for use in horses and ponies including pregnant and lactating mares and foals over four weeks.  

Horse Wormers Direct vets have emphasised the requirement to deal to encysted and larval stages of strongyles in the winter and so this is the reason we incorporate Moxidectin into our rotational worming programme. 

A broad spectrum effective horse wormer and bot treatment,  including tapeworms and the damaging encysted small strongyles.
Contains: moxidectin 20 mg/mL and praziquantel 125 mg/mL.

Equest Plus Tape - Moxidectin / Praziquantal:  In recognition of the importance of using Moxidectin during the late Autumn / early Winter period to deal to the encysted and larval stages of redworm, we work with Zoetis to supply Equest.  Our bulk priced purchases enable us to pass on a welcome discount to our clients.  In NZ there are two brands available which incorporate Moxidectin – Ultra Mox and Equest.   Moxidectin drenches are in a higher price bracket compared to other wormers, but this anthelmintic does prevent significant re-occurrence of parasite eggs in the faeces of treated horses for up to 16 weeks.  Although these drenches can be used year round, our own vets have recommended limiting Moxidectin usage to once a year, late Autumn / early winter for a ‘Slam Dunk’ dose, to deal to the encysted and larval stages of redworm which cannot be detected in Faecal Egg Counts.  The feedback we have had from Studs who incorporate  drenching with Moxidectin (Equest  / Ultra Mox)  in June each year have commented that they have had significant improvements in the equine health of their in foal mares.

EQUEST® Plus Tape is palatable, ready to use and has been shown to be effective against the following gastro-intestinal parasite infections:
Tape worms: Anoplocephala perfoliata
Large Strongyles: Strongylus vulgaris (adult, immature and arterial larval stage), Strongylus edentatus (adult and immature), Strongylus equinus (adult and tissue stages) and Triodontophorus spp. (adult and L4) including T. brevicauda (adults), T. serratus (adults) and T. tenuicollis (adults).

Small Strongyles (Cyathostomes): adult and larval stages of Cyathostomum spp, incuding Cya. catinatum, Cylicostephanus spp. including Cys. calicatus, Cys. goldi, Cys. Longibursatus and Cys. minutus, Cylicocyclus spp. including Cys. insigne, Cyc. leptostomum, Cyc. Nassatus and Cyc. radiatus, Coronocyclus spp. including Cor. coronatus and Cor. labiatus, Gyalocephalus capitatus,
Petrovinema poculatus.

EQUEST® Plus Tape is the only horse wormer effective as a single dose against developing stages (DL) and late encysted stages (LL3/EL4), including inhibited stages, of small strongyles.
Pinworms: Oxyuris equi (adult and immature)
Ascarids: Parascaris equorum (adult and immature)
Hairworms: Trichostrongylus axei (adult)
Large-mouthed stomach worms: Habronema spp. (adult and immature)
Stomach bots: Gasterophilus intestinalis and Gasterophilus nasalis

Persistency  EQUEST® Plus Tape prevents significant re-occurrence of parasite eggs in the faeces of treated horses for up to 16 weeks.

Dosage and Administration
EQUEST® Plus Tape is administered orally (into the mouth) at a dose rate of 0.4 mg/kg moxidectin and 2.5 mg/kg praziquantel. It is supplied in a ready to use syringe, calibrated according to the body weight of the horse to be treated, in intervals of 25 kg body weight. Use of this calibration will deliver the recommended dose.

Do not administer the full syringe to horses under 400 kg. Take care with foals and smaller breeds in calibrating the dose and avoid overdosing.

Use Instructions
Determine the weight of the horse to be treated (if a scale is not available use a weigh tape) and be sure to adjust the syringe to the correct dose for the horse.
The following table will act as a guide only

One syringe is sufficient to treat a horse weighing 575 kg. For a heavy horse (weight exceeding 575 kg) it will be necessary to apply more than one syringe. For instance a 725 kg horse would require 1¼ syringes to treat. To accurately determine the amount to administer with the second syringe, subtract 575 from the horse’s weight and set the plunger accordingly. For a 725 kg horse, set the plunger on the second syringe to 150 kg (725 kg – 575 kg).

1. Prepare the syringe: Hold the syringe to see the weight measurements with the capped end pointing to the left. Turn the dial ring until the left side of the ring lines up with the weight of the animal. Remove the barrel cap and save it for later use if required.

2. Administer the dose: Ensure the animal’s mouth is empty. With your thumb on the plunger, insert the nozzle of the syringe into the horses mouth at the space between the front and back teeth, and make sure the tip is over the back of the tongue. Deliver the dose of gel onto the back of the tongue by gently pushing the plunger until it stops. Raise the horse’s head once dosing is completed to ensure the gel is swallowed.

3. Surplus gel: If gel remains in the syringe once the full dose has been delivered, replace the barrel cap. Store the remaining gel below 25°C (room temperature) for later use, but do not use after the expiry date on the label.

It is important that all horses, particularly foals and yearlings, are wormed regularly as part of a parasite control programme. Regular treatment will reduce the risk of diseases due to large and small strongyles such as colic and verminous arteritis. Reinfection of horses with worms is common and treatment must be repeated routinely to ensure effective control. The unique activity of moxidectin against worms, including encysted small strongyles, is particularly useful in reducing the required dosing frequency in strategic parasite control programs for horses.

EQUEST® Plus Tape prevents significant re-occurrence of parasite eggs in the faeces of treated horses for up to 16 weeks. Consult your veterinarian or animal health advisor for advice on faecal egg count interpretation and the appropriate programme for your specific needs.
Pack size
11.8g Sufficient to treat a 575 kg horse. More than one syringe is needed to treat horses weighing more than 575 kg.
Withholding Period
Animals producing meat or offal for human consumption must not be sold for slaughter either during treatment or within 63 days of the last treatment.
When used as directed EQUEST® Plus Tape is safe in foals over 4 weeks of age and in all breeding stock, including stallions and pregnant mares. Do not administer the full syringe to horses under 400 kg. Take care with foals and smaller breeds in calibrating the dose and avoid overdosing. Keep away from dogs: Excessive consumption of spilt material may cause toxicity.
Store below 25°C (room temperature).
Very toxic to aquatic species. Do not contaminate any water supply (dams, rivers, streams or other waterways) with the product or empty container. Harmful to the soil environment. Harmful to terrestrial vertebrates. Avoid release of the product into the environment.

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